Wellness Wednesdays: Safety on the Job

The LESS Institute encourages safety on the job, but when that's comprised, we're here to help.

The importance of safety on the job goes far beyond the individual – it affects families, careers and futures.

The LESS Institute is proud to be Department of Labor (DOL) approved to receive worker’s compensation patients in their network, as well as in Rockport Healthcare Network – a national network services solution. In 2016 alone, there were 7,406 DOL Workers’ Compensation claims involving the back.
Safety on the Job with the LESS Institute


The following stats show the surprising number of workers in Florida who injure their backs while on the job.

Safety on the Job with the LESS Institute

If you’ve been injured on the job, resulting in back and neck pain, call the LESS Institute at 1-855-411-LESS for a consult today. We are enrolled and ready to help.

And check out the following resources for information pertaining to Workers’ Compensation in Florida:


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