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The LES Philosophy

"To tailor treatment to the individual patient to have the quickest recovery and return to a pain-free lifestyle. If surgery is chosen, use Less Exposure Surgery techniques and technologies that lessen exposure proportionate to the problem and the patient, preserve unoffending anatomy, and utilize fundamental principles adapted to new technologies which are safe, easy to adopt, reproducible and lessen blood loss, surgical time, and exposure to radiation. The aim is to achieve maximal effectiveness for a rapid and less painful outpatient recovery. Less is more."

Kingsley R. Chin

Surgeon & Founder, LESS Institute

Evolution vs. REVOLUTION

Less Exposure Surgery (LES) is based on a new philosophy of performing surgery. LES is less invasive than MIS. By developing improved technologies and techniques tailored for pinpointing a problem and fixing it without collateral damage, LES minimizes tissue disruption.


From Open Surgery to MIS

Open surgery and MIS are built on the same foundation. With MIS, the surgeon tries to achieve open surgery results by using smaller incisions and performing the surgery percutaneously through tubes, retractors, and endoscopes. Unfortunately, with MIS, the surgeon loses substantial amounts of his or her visualization of the full anatomy, and has to compensate for this by using excessive X-Ray’s (also called fluoro images). Although the incisions on the skin surface are small, in the end, the actual trauma to the tissues underneath the skin is just as disruptive as open surgery.

MIS still causes a substantial amount of collateral damage and removal of normal tissues. When a surgeon does open surgery, this tissue damage is more obvious and visible. When a surgeon does MIS, the tissue damage under the skin isn’t as obvious. Also, the effects of the additional radiation that MIS requires are also not immediately apparent, but might show up later in life.


From MIS to LES

LES is based on a new philosophy of doing surgery. LES is less invasive than MIS. LES incisions are small, open incisions through which the surgeon only exposes what needs to be treated for maximum effectiveness and nothing more. By developing improved technologies and techniques tailored for pinpointing a problem and fixing it without collateral damage, LES preserves and minimizes normal tissue disruption without relying on excessive radiation.

LES procedures are done outpatient and tailored to the patient’s lifestyle, health status, and body type to decrease risk, be simpler for the surgeon to perform, reduce pain and blood loss, and speed recovery time for the patient. Over 200 surgeons world-wide have been trained in Less Exposure Surgery and the LESS Institute was created for these surgeons to join and continue to build on the LES Philosophy.

See the Difference

LESvs. MIS and Open Procedures: Incision Size

LESS Institute Online

LESS Institute Online,, provides online education and diagnostic algorithms for patients and medical professionals.  It’s a one-stop destination for everybody to access their healthcare online. LESS Institute Online helps patients suffering from a variety of disorders access richer diagnostic and treatment content.  Plus –patients can connect directly to their doctors and doctors can connect to patients.  It’s also a resource for medical students learning how to practice in a new, virtual health-tech ecosystem.

Our Patients Are Overjoyed Read more testimonials

"My experience at the LESS Institute has been phenomenal. Dr. Chin's expertise and caring personality made me feel comfortable right away. After my surgery, I was completely pain-free. His aftercare was excellent as well. He called me and checked in with me after my surgery and he answered all my questions."

Barbara W.

"Hello to the staff at LESS Institute. I want to let you know the shooting pain in my legs is totally gone! I'm out walking around without any discomfort."

Raymond T.

"After my outpatient surgery at LESS Institute, I was home the same night and was soon pain-free. A week later, I went to my grandson's soccer game and was able to sit in the stands without pain for the first time. Thank you!!"

Burt O.

"Dr. Chin –I wanted to let you know that after my outpatient surgery at LESS Institute, I was back up and walking around the next day and by the week after, I was back working full-time at my job where I stand all day. Thank you for taking such good care of me. I really appreciate my time there with you."

Jose C.
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